(Left to Right: Sophia Renee, Jennifer Brigitte, and Kerttu Karon)


Purpose: Our purpose for Complex Muse is to create a connection with the millennial generation from the moment they enter our entities. We have created a platform that is uniquely theirs because it brands their personality and ensures them  that their experiences are paramount to our success. And it is! Because when we have a reader send us an essay of what they feel about politics, relationships, fashions, and influencers that day, we know we have made them want to raise their voice. We’ve given them the platform to speak up and we can proudly post it. When that is done, we simply say, “You’ve told a story.”

Complex Muse and its Factory Row is the creative team founded by Jennifer Brigitte, Sophia Renee, and Kerttu Karon. The team produces a transmedia project every year with the help of collaborators around the world as well as an online digital magazine and variety show, Confessions of a Complex Muse.


The Factory is responsible for much of the Founding Mothers distinctive and individual style contributed to their projects. We hope to become a symposium for artists of every nature, big or small (either artists on Tumblr or major actors and musicians like Emma Stone, Pharrell Williams, The Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs!) to collaborate with us on the transmedia project of the year.

Transmedia storytelling uses multiple media platforms tell a narrative across time. Each media piece—whether it’s a comic, novels, video games, mobile apps, or a film—functions as a standalone story experience—complete and satisfying. Like a giant puzzle, each piece also contributes to a larger narrative. The process is cumulative and each piece adds richness and detail to the story world, such as character backstories and secondary plotlines.

In the Year of the Muse, the women are producing their début feature-length film and concept soundtrack album that embodies their distinct careers in the fashion, film, literary, and theater worlds.

The Muse’s Factory Row is a creative space where artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, models, designers, and connoisseurs all around the world can come and collaborate on new and exciting productions for the 21st century. The sensorial collection of pieces will always be featured on our website Complex Muse, www.complexmuse.com.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Executive Summary is to propose the financing of the Complex Muse. The Complex Muse is a millennial-based entertainment collaboration in vain of Andy Warhol’s The Factory. Our Complex Muse assembly line is a production company that creates original multimedia work in the digital, film, music, fashion, theater, art, and literary/journalism platforms.


  • Jennifer Brigitte (Founding Mother: Actress, songstress, comedian, screenwriter, playwright, author, journalist, blogger, host)
  • Sophia Renee (Founding Mother: Model, actress, singer, blogger, social media marketer)
  • Kerttu Karon (Founding Mother: Model, actress, singer, blogger, TV host)
  • Michael Vincent Academy (Hair, Fashion, and Makeup stylists, Creative Director)- Artists include Usher, Diddy, TI, Drake, Ariana Grande, and many other global superstars.
  • Rick Krusky from MWPR (Public Relations firm)

Complex Muse models itself after Andy Warhol’s Factory and emulates the creative atmosphere it is known for. Inspired by Warhol’s concepts, his ideas are often referenced in our projects. 

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2017 is the beginning of our metamorphosis with us transitioning into our Year of the Muse.  

Complex Muse features candid stories and sordid expressions of the mass multicultural landscape that make up the Millennial Generation. Starting in Los Angeles, we have developed a multimedia platform the dwells in the lives of our people through a sensorial collection of transmedia platforms. Taking off on what Brandon Stanton started with Humans of New York, our platform takes a snapshot into the lives of our peers. Organic, candid, raw, and sometimes challenging, Complex Muse is an open exhibition of what it means to be young and free in the world they live in.

The brand hosts by brazen female personalities from vastly different backgrounds and cultures. The purpose is to spark a social conversation. Can a group of women from different ages come together and bring together a large group of strangers? Can we get these strangers to engage with us about real complex talks where they open up their lives in a way something like MTV’s The Real World could never fake?

Complex Muse is an American multi-platform media company that emphasis on the cultivation and syndication of stories through a transmedia platform.

Transmedia storytelling (also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling, cross-media seriality) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels or adaptations. With Complex Muse, we find stories around the world of young  people searching to find their path. We read their stories and create their profiles. We also take the struggles of our generation and enhance them in pieces  that define who we are. We  want a channel that defines the realities of our community, the next generation in line who will be the movers and shakers in our economy.

Complex Muse network hosts content featuring news, lifestyle, pop culture, satire and entertainment for English-speaking millennials, including those of a multi-ethnic background. Complex Muse is storytelling content generator that uses current events to put together real-time productions. We give you the same story through a myriad of art forms, performed on stage to a published article to a full-fledged musical performance. We also conduct investigative journalism on hot topics pressing this generation.

Our brash bold image will appeal to the masses as we take the variety show appeal of The Daily Show, the sketch comedy musical stylings of Saturday Night Live and fuse it with music, dance, fashion modeling, and an immersive film experience. We end the Muse year with a reinvented Confessions of a Complex Muse will telecast our site to a live audience as we discuss today’s topics with a bombast enthusiasm unlike ever seen before.


The marketability is to see how we can capture the personalities and watch them converse issues and situations that are relevant to what the youth faces today. From world events to social issues in today’s culture, we are cruising into the millennial flagship of our world through our eyes.

A millennial’s time is on demand. They want to find a brand that fits them to the tee. The goal of the brand is to create a social society brand that makes our audience feel welcomed and part of a close circle of friends that in away is exempt from other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here, we are giving you real thoughts, problems, and critiques and as a viewer, your job is to analyze and come up with solutions and opinions based on the experiences you have.

It’s hard to buy clothes that are already set to somebody else’s ideal of beauty. It’s hard to watch a movie set in somebody else’s perception of what we want to see. It’s incredibly hard to watch news that is not fashioned into a freak show circus or a reality show that mindlessly programs us to numbly cave into the violence.

Our time is of the essence. We don’t have to shop, let alone read about real news. But what if there was a way we can give you back the option to raise your voice?

First impressions are critical and in this day of age, the best form of press is the ubiquity of the brand online and mobile. If a reader cannot find us online and get a first taste of who we are by clicking on to a blog or add or commercial on Youtube, we are failing to reach our demographic that is on the web constantly, courtesy of the smartphones and pads. Like we said before, our generation is constantly on the go and we have to move with their times. It’s our service to them.

Our brand voice needs to be quickly heard and seen— are it for me?

What is the brand voice and purpose of the brand? Our voice is pretty clear. To cater to a millennial generation ready to make their own news and history. We want our audience to find the ability to express their opinions based on their experiences that will help share the commonality of human connection. To write their experiences and critiques in a way that will others learn about the cultures, races, nationalities, sexuality, genders, ages, and every other trait that makes us different. Most of all, it’s to find your personality and express yourself through it. Read the news based on your point of view, watch the movie and listen to the music based on your form of entertainment, and buy the fashion you want to buy. It’s that simple. Our brand is for YOU and nobody else.

We empower the inner strength of our generation and the resilience to bounce back from any circumstance. We want to touch on your gut feeling because let’s face it, your gut feeling is what makes you want to buy, want to sing, want to dance. Now we are wanting you to think for yourselves. Create your news and let us ponder at your words on the screen.

We are a highly targeted generation because we the beauty in the world and we express our desires to see the colorful world we want to see. That, in turn, has made countless brand step up their game and create highly visual aesthetic sites. Our site is a genuine brand composed of colors and personalities we were born with and is hosted by three warm girls who are there for you every step of the way. From start to finish, we mentor you to unveil and reinvent yourself as a Complex Muse.

It’s not what they say it is, it’s what you say it is and that’s why the Complex Muse digital media platform is important to fully integrate into a cohesive platform that runs on a news magazine site, a digital television/radio platform, a film and music production company, and a personality fashion empire.