The Great Awakening


The Great Awakening

Brief message from Jennifer Brigitte

“Before we go all Gonzo, we must manifest the Madness.”

Next year is the year of the Transcendental Muse (Year Zero), the cocoon stage to the Gonzo Girls butterfly. Next year, the Optical Vortex family’s main themes are to transcend beyond sleepwalking through the American Capitalism that consumes us all. We are going to become lawless to be able to escape the #consumerism, #apathy, #materialism, #narcissism, #separatism. #whitecolonization, #genocide, #classicism, #misogyny, #racism, #warmongering, and #intersectionalism that is depleting our humanity from the truth beyond pop culture and what the media informs us to believe. Enter our #MadWorld. It’s not an #Eden but it’s a whole lot better than where we are at right now.

We live in a state of nonchalance for the world we live in. We are consumed by the images we are fed that forget that life starts and ends with our own footprint. Next year we will rise to consciousness beyond an anonymous person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.



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